Mark Rhodes, Ph.D.

Mark’s expertise spans business strategy, strategic decision making, and organizational design and change management. His consulting work includes advising leaders and teams on the design of innovative work systems, as well as the development and implementation of organizational measurement systems.

Mark’s distinctive approach includes using a set of strategic thinking tools and templates useful in determining strategic direction and aligning organizational capabilities with mission, principles and strategy. His “Strategic Thinking” workshop draws from the realms of social psychology, organizational theory and world history to create a unique and inspiring experience for corporate and institutional leaders. In recent years, Mark has developed web-based training and coaching in the art and practice of strategic decision making.

Mark’s experience includes work with AT&T, Amerada Hess, American Express, Bank of America, BHP Steel of Australia, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC, Bristol Myers, British Petroleum, Charter Financial, The Cherokee Nation, Colgate-Palmolive, The Department of Education, FMC, General Electric, Hallmark, Lucent Technologies, Merck, NASA Kennedy Space Center, National Semiconductor UK, Nationwide, Pennzoil, Raytheon, TRW, the United States Navy, and the Veterans Administration.


Mark has consulted with a variety of organizations over the past 20 years, participating in numerous organizational start-ups and organizational redesign efforts. His experience spans service, manufacturing, government, and tribal sectors. Working with colleagues who have pioneered and refined the art and science of organizational design, Mark uses a proven model and methodology for the design and development of organizational systems.

Mark received a Ph.D. in Social Psychology & Organizational Behavior from Harvard University in 1986. He also holds Psychology degrees from Furman University and Wake Forest University. At Harvard, Mark studied with Robert Bales, one of the forefathers of the study of work teams and group facilitation. He now teaches Organizational Behavior at Furman University on an adjunct basis.

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