LEarn strategic decision-making at gettysburg

Why is it that 70% of Strategies fail?

You don’t really have a strategy.

Your strategy is poorly articulated and communicated throughout your organization.

Operational and tactical decisions are not well aligned with the strategy.

The design of your organization is not aligned with the strategy.

You do not gather sufficient competitive intelligence about customers, competitors, stakeholders and workforce and as a result, make uninformed decisions.

You do not learn from experience and therefore make the same mistakes over and over again.

The generals on both sides of the battle of Gettysburg made all of these mistakes.  Have you?  Studies show that 70% of strategies are never executed.

In September, we will deliver a workshop on the grounds of Gettysburg designed to help you mitigate your strategic challenges.

Come learn with us on the most historic battlefield in our land why strategies fail and how you can succeed


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